Healthcare Education Services


Kebidanan Program

Comprehensive 3-year program producing qualified midwives with the A.M.Keb designation. Includes theoretical and practical training in modern healthcare practices.

Hands-on Training Modules
Community Health Practicum
Midwifery Ethics Course

Pharmacy Program

In-depth 4-year curriculum preparing students with the S.Farm designation. Combines pharmaceutical theory, lab work, and internships in various healthcare settings.

Clinical Pharmacy Rotation
Pharma Marketing Workshop
Drug Formulation Lab

Nutrition Program

4-year program leading to the S.Gz title. Focuses on nutritional sciences, dietetics training, and practical experience in promoting healthy eating habits.

Community Nutrition Projects
Food Science Labs
Nutrition Counseling Workshops

Language & Career Development

Supporting students in language proficiency (English & Mandarin), IT skills for healthcare, and career readiness for local and global opportunities.

Health IT Applications
Multilingual Communication Training
Global Career Preparation
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